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I'm guessing you have a question.

We treat every undertaking as a "project". Thus, a project literally means it has a beginning and an end. A project, for us, can be about developing your business plan, undertaking a feasibility study, conducting a survey, etc. We make it a point that for every project, we are able to give you the most effective support needed to get your business off the ground --- we make it happen.

Your question probably borders on what's our possible approach for your project, how fast can we finish a project, and the most-often asked question is "how much".

Our usual answer....

There is no "common approach". Every project has a life of its own, we make it a point to sit down with you first and determine the things you would want to see out of the project.

How fast we can finish a project depends on the the kind of data the project would need. The project may entail gathering primary and/or secondary data. Thus, an initial review of data requirements to undertake a feasibility study, business plan or market/industry survey is necessary for us to give you a run-down on possible timelines.

Rates depends on the scope of work required to finish a project. Thus, it would be helpful if you can give us a good idea about your project and/or business, its location, current status and/or your team's immediate plans for the project.

So why not send us an emai (or give us a call), we would certainly be glad to help you.

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